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Scott Coker Isn't Planning On Signing Kimbo Slice And Paul Daley....Yet.

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Coker spoke on the two former UFC fighters with Sherdog.  Here he speaks on Paul Daley after Daley was cut from the UFC after his loss and cheap shot after the final bell against Josh Koscheck:

I’m sure Paul will be on some heavy type of suspension from the commission up in Canada and I don’t imagine Paul being able to fight anytime soon," said Coker.

Coker, who didn’t acquire Daley’s contract from Pro Elite in early 2009, wasn’t particularly motivated on Monday in pursuing a new relationship with Daley now that he’s a free agent, at least not presently.

"I’m sure we’ll get a call, but let’s what happens," said Coker. "Who knows? He could be on suspension for four to six months. He’s not going to be able to fight. I don’t think that type of reaction or behavior from a fighter will be accepted. It’s just unacceptable."

Here he speaks on Slice:

You’re like the sixth person who’s contacted me saying, ‘Hey, you have to put together Herschel Walker vs. Kimbo Slice,’" Coker shared. "The thing is with Kimbo is he was successful with the ratings, but when we purchased (the contracts) from Pro Elite, the deal at that time (for Kimbo), we felt was too rich for long-term viability…We haven’t revisited it internally yet, so as of right now I think we’re going to stick with our course, which is putting on the best fighters in the world in the best matchups."  

"The fighters that are important to develop our reach and growth, and are important to Showtime and CBS, we’re going to keep those fighters," said Coker. "We’ve proven that we can stay in the game at the highest level with these athletes because believe me, Fedor (Emelianenko) is not a cheap fighter."

You'll notice he didn't flat out say that he wouldn't sign them either though.  Strikeforce is in need of ratings something serious.  While I don't think Kimbo would draw the ratings he drew with EliteXC at this point.  I do think he would help Strikeforce in that department.  It's crazy because all they would have to do is find some can that Kimbo could KO finally, and the re-birth of Kimbo would be born to the 'casual fan'.