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Is Jordan Rinaldi The Best Lightweight In North Carolina? Are The Top Lightweight Ammy's Better Than The Current Crop Of Pros?

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Firstly, don't take this personal I'm just asking questions.  Our rankings will be updated in the next week or so as there is a MMA event this weekend down in Wilmington(CFP) and a event next weekend in Charlotte(ECCF).

I asked this question prior to the Rinaldi/Carroll fight going down: 

If Jordan Rinaldi pulls the upset and beats Joe he the #1 lightweight in the Carolina's?

First of all, props to both fighters for even taking that fight. 

Ya know, when we thought about implementing our very own rankings system for North and South Carolina fighters, I envisioned fights that everyone locally wanted to see.  Which basically meant good fighters fighting other good fighters and not guys looking to pad their records with wins.  So this past weekend we were treated to a treat at the Fightlab Promotions Cage Fights At The Epicentre 3 event in Charlotte, NC.  The main event was the MMA For Real #3 ranked amateur lightweight Jordan Rinaldi(5-1) taking on the MMA For Real #1 ranked lightweight in Joseph Carroll(3-4).  This was Rinaldi's professional debut.

You can watch the fight right here as Rinaldi won the fight via split decision.

We are going to do some MMA math even though I hate it with a passsion.

The lightweight division in the two Carolina's is probably the deepest division between the two states and fighters can take a "L" on any given night against legitimate competition.  Rinaldi is (1-0) as a professional and (5-1) as an amateur losing to the MMA For Real #2 ranked amateur lightweight David "Colt 45" Howell(7-0) in June of 2009. 

Neither Howell nor Rinaldi have fought the MMA For Real #1 ranked amateur lightweight in Jacob Allman(6-0).  Allman will be making pro debut later this year after taking part in the SportsfightX 155lb tournament down in Georgia.

The current #2 ranked pro lightweight is Chris Clodfelter(9-6) hasn't fought since June 2009 although the rumblings for a fight between him and Joe Carroll seemed to unearth themselves every other week or so.  The #3 ranked lightweight in Jason Palacios(7-6) hasn't fought since August 2009.  So is Jordan Rinaldi the top professional lightweight in the state if you look at who he just beat, coupled with his amateur record of one loss?

When I started writing this piece I had one question in mind in which I just asked, but now another question has come to mind.

I know we rank the ammy's and the pro's, but I've been hearing this for a while, that the top ammy's in the state might be better than the current top pro's in the state.  Is there any truth to that statement.  This should be good, holla at cha boy!