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Bangkok Fight Night VI Saturday May 15th at the Gwinnett Convention Center

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Russian Standard Vodka and Iron Clutch Fitness present Bangkok Fight Night 6. Saturday May 15th at the Gwinnett Convention Center. Get your tickets here. Fight card will feature TUF 11 castmate Warren Thomson, and crowd favorites Clint Hester, Dymond Jones, and Anthony Nieves. If you have never seen a Bangkok Fight Night I encourage everyone to do so. The fights are always fast paced and exciting. As an MMA fan the Muay Thai is always fun to watch. Bangkok Fight Night has always chosen fan friendly venues and the Gwinnett Convention Center is no different. I don't care if you buy the cheapest or most expensive ticket, you will not be stuck watching the back of someone else's head. Every seat gives you a great view of the ring. The card speaks for itself, Warren Thompson, Clint Hester, and Dymond Jones are some of the most exciting fighters competing in Georgia. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday May 15th don't miss it!  Check out the Promotional video here.

Pro Fights:

Warren Thompson vs. Brian Meginnis

Anthony Nieves vs. Alex Berrios

Clint Hester vs. Kevin Brooks

Eddie Walker vs. Dymond Jones

Stephen Ledbetter vs. Randolph Cole

Ryan Peace vs. Robert Blake

Donovan Craige vs. Ronnie Roger

Amateur fights:

Moe Travis vs. Allison Strokes

Colleen Louima vs. Carolina Cawthorn

Rachel Seltzer vs. Maddie

LJ Jones vs. Chris Luis

Steele McCall vs. TBA

Michael Graves vs. Jabril Mohammad