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Will You Be Ordering Mayweather/Mosley Or Waiting For UFC 113?

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As many of you know, Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be taking on Shane Mosley tonight on PPV. It's a fight that I'm definitely interested in, even though it's a fight that Mayweather should win. I think this fight is more interesting that Mayweather's last fight. However, it's comes at a very steep price even though Tecate is offering a rebate for those that buy the PPV in some states. I think here in NC the rebate is worth $30. Of course, UFC 113 is taking place next weekend which will feature a re-match that certainly many of us have been looking forward to. Which one will you be purchasing? BTW, we will be having an open thread and discussion thread for this fight. It should be a great fight since Mosley likes to press the action.