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Lights Out Radio Presented by - Episode 200: UFC 112 Preview, Bernie Profato

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Matt, Neil and Forrest will be LIVE! at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT for the historic 200th episode of Lights Out Radio.

The trio will preview UFC 112: Invincible, which is headlined by a lightweight championship fight between BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar and a middleweight championship fight between Anderson Silva and Demian Maia. In addition, Matt Hughes will make his return to the Octagon, facing Renzo Gracie, who will be making his UFC debut.

In addition to the UFC 112 preview, they are expecting to be joined by Ohio Athletic Commission Executive Director Bernie Profato at the top of the first hour to talk about some regulation issues in MMA, including Ohio instituting a cruiserweight division in amateur MMA.

To participate in the show, dial (347) 202-0934, e-mail or leave a question/comment here.

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