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Mariusz Pudzianowski Pays Full Respect To Fedor While Calling Tim Sylvia Soft

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From via MMAMania:

Tim Sylvia is already past his prime, so the only thing he thinks about is the paycheck after the fight. When I’ll take him down and start landing my bombs, he will lose every desire to get up. His handshake at the press conference made me realize that he has a very soft body. I like big and soft people, they are fun to hit. I have to be careful from his striking in the early minutes of the fight, but I am still very confident that it will be a great victory. In two years from now, I would love to fight Fedor Emelianenko. He will rip my head off if we fight today, but in two years it could be a different story. It will be very interesting to see the bookmaker's odds for that fight."

I haven't given much coverage to this Moosin event that will take place on May 21st.  However,  I had to mention Pudzianowski's respect for Fedor though, as I'm always a fan of humility.  A loss for Sylvia here is basically the end of it all in my opinion.  It's pretty crazy how quick the MMA landscape changes, as he was just a top ten heavyweight a couple of years ago.  IF Sylvia does get past Pudzianowski, do you think he can become relevant again?