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UFC 112 Preview: Matt Hughes Says Renzo Is The Best Gracie

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"I’ve always said that from the beginning - if you want to fight the best Gracie, you need to fight Renzo, and I still say that. He’s the best one carrying the name in my opinion."

Matt Hughes then spoke about what he needs to do in the first round to be successful with Renzo coming off a 3 year long layoff:

I think one of the things I’ve got to do is give him a good first round to where he goes back to his corner and starts to doubt being in the Octagon against me. I think I need to throw something at him quick to make him derail mentally."

We'll have a preview of this fight up later, but I'm pretty sure how this one is going to go(you do too probably).  Renzo spoke about his guard being an important part of this fight.  Hughes is almost 4 years older and not as dominant, but Renzo hasn't fought in 3 years.  I wonder if he'll have more success than his cousin Royce? 

Matt Hughes UFC 112 Pre-Fight Interview after the jump.

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