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UFC 112 Preview: Kendall Grove Talks Mark Munoz

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"I ain’t going to become an NCAA champ within six weeks of camp but I can get the most prepared as possible and whatever happens, happens. That’s all you can do is get as physically and mentally prepared as possible and go out there and try to rip his head off," Grove says.

"It’s MMA, not wrestling. You’ve seen Munoz get taken down by guys, you seen Rosholt get taken down by guys; that just shows that it does matter, but it doesn’t, you know what I mean? Right now I’m just preparing for a fight everywhere. I’m preparing for if he has my back, I’m preparing for if I have him in a triangle and he’s defending, so that when the situation presents itself during the fight, I’ve been there. I’ve been punched in the face with hard and heavy shots and I know what to do then."

This will be Grove's second consecutive fight against a highly touted wrestler.  Grove was able to put away Jake Rosholt at UFC 106 via triangle choke.  Grove who stands at 6'6" is always a threat standing and on the ground because of his length.  I'm still on the fence about this one as Munoz is still relatively inexperienced, but Grove is susceptible to getting stunned and finished on the ground as Munoz has some heavy hands.  This should be a good one.

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