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Paul Daley: Koscheck Will Not Be Getting A Title Shot After I Knock Him Out

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From Fighthype as Daley comments on Koscheck saying he should get a title shot if he beats Daley:

Koscheck's best bet is to is to just focus on this fight or it's gonna be a much quicker ending for him than even I could have hoped for.  When I KO him, then he can springboard to whereever the fuck he wants, but it won't be a title shot.

Paul Daley and Josh Koscheck will be the co-main event of UFC 113 that will take place on May 8th in Montreal, Canada.  They both have won their past two fights in highlight reel fashion, but there will only be one winner at UFC 113.  I expect the trash talk for this one to heat up the closer we get to May 8th.  Koscheck can certainly take Daley down if he wants, but he's shown that he's willing to stand and trade with dangerous strikers in the past.  Who's your horse in this one?