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So Demian Maia Doesn't Have A Prayer Against Anderson Silva At UFC 112?

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Anderson Silva headshot

VS Demian Maia headshot
Anderson Silva   Demian Maia
94%   6%

    Total Votes

That's basically what the poll on the UFC website is saying as only 6% of over 8,000 voters give him a shot at winning.  Demian Maia did show some improved stand up skills against Dan Miller at UFC 109, but make no mistake that he'll be trying to get this fight to the ground with the quickness.  Two of Silva's four losses have come via submission.  However, those losses came over half a decade ago so just because the fight goes to the ground doesn't mean it's a sure thing for Maia.  However, if anyone is going to have any success on the ground against the "Spider", it would be Maia who has shown that he has arguably applied his BJJ to MMA better than anyone.  You giving him a better than 6% chance of winning? 

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