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Shane Carwin Talks Mir Win And Preparing For Brock Lesnar On July 3rd

From MMAWeekly:

I didn't really care that Brock was in there, I didn't even really pay any attention to him," said Carwin. "I was elated for my win. It was a big victory over a big time opponent, and I just wanted to go celebrate with my coaches. Him being in there talking, I could have cared less."

"That's one thing that he does well and I think he obviously studied that part of the game for a while when he was doing the WWE stuff, so it probably comes natural to him, but like I said that stuff I actually find pretty amusing," said Carwin. "If they come out and they rip on me, or comment, I'll actually have a laugh about it. That kind of stuff doesn't affect me.

"I want to be remembered as the type of fighter for my fights in the Octagon, not for all the talk outside of it."

"It sounds like great timing," Carwin said about the summer fight with Lesnar. "I'll get a couple weeks here, obviously I'd like a little bit more time with my family and stuff, but the UFC has been great to me and they treated me well, so I'm willing to work for them, and go to work July 3."

If Mir had beaten Carwin, the 3rd fight between Mir and Lesnar(depending on the undercard) could have done close to two million PPV buys.  However, now with Carwin as Lesnar's opponent, I don't expect it to reach those numbers.  However, it could realistically still do close to or over a million PPV buys.  If the numbers for UFC 111 hold true, a LOT of people saw Carwin run through Frank Mir with ease.  Plus, who doesn't want to see two legitimate heavyweights go at it?  I'll be tuning in.