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5 Fights To Be On The Lookout For In The Month Of May

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We are going to try out hand at this again since we did it for April.  The crazy thing about all of this is that there is a tremendous amount of MMA taking place, and a lot of interesting matchups to chose from.  I absolutely love it!  So let's take a look at the five fights that I'm most looking forward to in the month of May.  These fights were chosen based on impact within the division and just my own opinion in regards to which fights I wanna see in no particular order:

-Rampage Jackson vs. Rashad Evans at UFC 114-This is it.  The fight I've been wanting to see since the UFC 96 faceoff.  This fight will answer all the questions and help me get my LHW rankings back in order.  Will cage rust prevent Rampage Jackson from defeating Rashad Evans?  Will Evans be able to elude Jackson's knockout power for 3 rounds?  Which fighter will be victorious and rightfully become the #2 LHW in the world again?

-Shogun Rua vs. Lyoto Machida II-I've been waiting on this one since UFC 104 also.  Of course I've been adamant that Shogun won the first one which is why I have him ranked as the #1 LHW in the world.  Some people don't agree, get over it.  The intriguing thing about this one is that I'm not sure if the same strategy will work for Shogun this time since Machida will obviously make adjustments.  Will this fight finally go to the ground and if so, who has the edge there?  The winner of this one will probably take on the winner of Jackson/Evans.  Can I PLEASE get Shogun/Rampage II?

-Alistair Overeem vs. Brett Rogers-Oh man, who can't be excited about this fight.  Overeem FINALLY defending his Strikeforce title after being missing in action for almost 3 years.  Can he withstand the power shots from Rogers?  Can Rogers defend Overeem's submissions(that standing guillotine is sick).  Can Rogers take a huge punch from Overeem?  Will Overeem pass the drug screening?  Big fight for Strikeforce right here and will have impact on the heavyweight rankings.

-Forrest Griffin vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira-I can't wait for this one either.  I'm a huge Nogueira fan.  Is this Griffin's last shot at staying relevant in the grand scheme of things?  A win here would certainly legitimize his top five ranking that I have for him.  However, a devasting loss could push him out of the rankings.  Could a big win for Nogueira push him into a title shot?  Could we dare get to see Shogun/Nogueira II as well?

-Din Thomas vs. Ricardo Mayorga-Well, we know how this one's going to go.  I'm not so much excited about the fight as the fact that's it's going to be taking place right here in my home state an  hour away from my house.  If it goes to the ground, it's a wrap for Mayorga.  If he connects on Thomas, it'll likely be over from that standpoint as well.  The fact that a former boxer champion not too far removed from his prime in a MMA fight does break some ground though.  So I have to list it, now let's just hope Mayorga doesn't pull out at the last minute.

-Other fights to be on the lookout for...Todd Duffee returns to action against Mike Russow at UFC 114, Josh Koscheck vs. Paul Daley at UFC 113, Eddie Alvarez vs. Josh Neer in Bellator, and Andrei Arlovski returns to action against Antonio Silva.

Which fights are you looking forward to the most?