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The Month Of April In Retrospect, 5 Fights Delivered

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In the first week of this month I listed 5 fights that we needed to be on the lookout for in the month of April.  I basically chose those fights based on impact on the weight divisions and excitement for the most part.  Those 5 fights were:

-Aldo vs. Faber

-Mousasi vs. Lawal

-Melendez vs. Aoki

-Penn vs. Edgar

-Shields vs. Henderson

In retrospect, these fights didn't really deliver on the excitement end of the spectrum but they did answer a LOT of questions while creating some new ones.  For example:

-Mousasi was overrated(I already knew this :)) and would have problems with the top light heavyweights in the world.

-Aoki in the cage and no magic pants gets beaten by any solid wrestler that can keep the fight standing.

-Aldo is the best featherweight on the planet by far.

Now, for the questions that were formed due to these fights taking place:

-We've talked about this, but where does Frankie Edgar belong in the grand scheme of things.  I still don't think he won the fight, but he was competitive with Penn who reportedly was sick when the fight took place.

-Is Dan Henderson done as an elite middleweight?

-Where does Urijah Faber go from here?

-Where does Gegard Mousasi and King Mo Lawal go from here?

-Also, the honorable mention fights I mentioned delivered in that Phil Davis showed why I'm touting him so much as potentially the next big thing as a light heavyweight.  Also, Raphael Dos Anjos continues to prove why I was so high on him a few months ago when he suffered back to back losses. Scott Jorgensen proved that he really should have won the first match against Antonio Banuelos as well. 

I'll be back shortly with my 5 months to be on the lookout for in the month of May.