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Scott Coker Sets Deadline For Fedor Emelianenko, Insists He And Management Are Running Strikeforce

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That's the word according to Yahoo Sports:

"There’s still dialogue between us and Fedor’s people," Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker said. "We’re hopeful we can get the take done as soon a possible. It’s an ongoing process to get him back. It’s been too long already."  Coker has set a mid-May deadline for putting the match together, as there is a target date of June 26 in San Jose set for the fight and the company wants a full six weeks of promotion

Coker also commented on the Strikeforce/CBS relationship since the lackluster show a couple of weeks ago:

"You know the last time we did the show with them in November, after the show, we didn’t get to sit down and talk for another month or six weeks," Coker said. "We right now haven’t had any dialogue. We hope to talk with them about it in the next week to ten days."

Dana White and Erin Toughill have said that they believe Showtime is running Strikeforce.  I suppose it could be directed at this website(though I'm just a nobody) since I've been posting about it recently because I think it's a legitimate question with some of the moves that Strikeforce had made in the past six months.  Now Scott Coker addresses that issue: 

"Strikeforce is run by Scott Coker, along with our management team," Coker said. "Ken Hershman is good for the sport. His commitment to the sport benefits everyone. The fans have more options. The fighters have more options. When fighters become free agents, they’re going to get some of them and we’re going to get some of them. But Strikeforce is run by me and our management committee."

The interesting thing in all of this is the whole Fedor Emelianenko fiasco.  I mean how much longer is this thing going to go on?  Also, is there any direct correlation between being in no man's land in regards to CBS and not being able to hash out a deal with M-1.  If what I've heard is correct, Fedor only fights on CBS cards.  So if there is no more CBS, that could mean there's no more Fedor Emelianenko fighting for Strikeforce.