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Ortiz vs. Jameson Domestic Incident Is Basically He Said/She Said Now

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Actually, it's been like that from the very beginning with both sides seemingly having holes in their stories.  Check it from TMZ

Jenna claims that during an argument Monday morning she, "said something very hurtful to his ego." She alleges that Tito then grabbed her and, "threw me into the bathtub and tore two ligaments in my shoulder."

Tito's attorney Chip Matthews strongly denies that, saying ... "He did not put his hands on her, he did not hit her, he did not do anything to her."

Matthews claims Tito found pills in Jenna's pants pocket -- and that when Tito confronted her she had an "emotional meltdown."

Jenna says Tito's addiction allegation is, "completely false" and "the last nail in the coffin" for their relationship.

So as I pointed out earlier this week, if Jameson had a shoulder injury, why was the brace she was wearing covering her bicep and not her shoulder?  You would think her arm would have been in a sling of some sort. 

Now it's been reported by TMZ that Jenna Jameson tested negative for ten major drugs one day after the alledged domestic incident.  This test included cocaine, marijuana, meth, and oxycodone(ingredient for oxycotin).

Of course earlier this week, Ortiz said that the root of the whole situation was that Jameson had a drug problem and relapsed which caused her to have a emotional breakdown of some sorts when he found pills in her pocket.

So somebody's lying or they both just REALLY like attention.