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Down Town Beat Down MMA Event In Wilmington, NC On May 8th

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Extreme Fight Promotions will be holding their Down Town Beat Down MMA event on May 8th in Wilmington, NC.  The doors fights will begin at 7pm and you can call 910-297-0136 for ticket information.  The card as of right now is scheduled to have 13 fights in all, and you can view the fight card below:

-Mike Wikoff(1-0) vs. Antonio Duerson(0-1)

-Joe Sullivan(1-2) vs. William Kuhn(3-3)

-Andre Kase(4-8) vs. Romez Brower(9-10-1)

-Mark Honegger(5-2) vs. Joshua Henry(2-1)

-Josh Marx(0-0) vs. Juston Preece(0-0)

-Solomon Harvey(0-1) vs. James Andrews(0-0)

-Alex Croteau(0-0) vs. Takis Pepe(0-0)

-Shawn Robertson(3-0) vs. Johnny Simmerman(1-1)

-Montreal Jones(0-0) vs. Troy Anderson(0-0)

-Travis Elliot(0-0) vs. Gibb McCumber(0-0)

-Jamie Miller(0-0) vs. JC Dawson(0-0)

-Nick Holiday(0-0) vs. David Lewis(0-0)

-Tanner Drybrough(0-0) vs. Jeff Roberts(0-0)