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Updated Report: Strikeforce To Australia, Josh Barnett vs. Gerônimo "Mondragon" dos Santos On The Card

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Tatame breaks the news:

After beating eight from his nine previous opponents on Brazil, the athlete will face former UFC champion Josh Barnett on Strikeforce, on July 17. The show will be the first Strikeforce event in Australia.

"I signed the contract today, I’m very thrilled with the news", revealed the heavyweight to TATAME, exited for the fight. "He’s experienced, is very good on the ground, there’s no comparison, but I’ll try to keep it up. He’s not that good standing, so that’s where I have to work on. I’m going for the knockout, I’ll win this fight".

Wow.  Dos Santos is (17-8) as a professional with the majority of his fights taking place in Brazil.  Of course, Barnett has been in the middle of his steroid saga with the California athletic commission since testing positive for the third time last year.  He's been fighting in Japan and doing some professional wrestling and grappling tournaments since the positive test.  Is that why this event is taking place in Australia, or will Strikeforce try to ride the coat tails of the success off UFC 110?  Give me your thoughts on Barnett in Strikeforce.  I'll be back with more later.

[Note by Kelvin Hunt, 04/28/10 4:47 PM EDT ]From MMAFighting:

A recent report on the Brazilian MMA Web site Tatame stated that Strikeforce was planning a show on July 17 in Australia, headlined by Josh Barnett (25-5) vs. Geronimo "Mondragon" Dos Santos (17-8).

However, sources close to the organization tell MMA Fighting that the report is untrue and that Strikeforce is not planning any show Down Under any time soon.

According to the same source, Strikeforce is only planning a Challengers event in July this summer.