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Carolina Fight Promotions: "Carolinas' Summer Fight Series Fight #1"

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Carolina Fight Promotions will be launching the first of many events on May 22nd in Wilmington, NC.  It's shaping up to be a great event with two titles on the line.  It'll also feature the pro debut of #1 ranked amateur middleweight Derek Brunson as he takes on John Bryant.  You can get your ticket information here.  The doors will open at 5pm and the first fight will take place at 7pm with the event taking place at the Schwartz Center.  The fight card is below:

-Jason Bruce(1-0) vs. William Coggins(0-0) 

-Daniel Sandlin(0-0) vs. TBD

-Dan Churchill(2-0) vs. Andre Adams(1-0)

-James Roesnick(3-9) vs. Kyle Whittington(1-0)

-James Jones Jr.(0-2) vs. Chris Delaney(0-0)

-Thomas Jones(0-2) vs. Eddie McPhatter(0-0)

-Zebulon Moore(0-0) vs. TBD

-John Bryant(1-3) vs. Derek Brunson(2-0 as ammy)

-Jason Nicholson(1-8) vs. Pete Martin(0-1)

-Lemont Davis(2-4) vs. Jake Whitfield(3-1)

-Brandon Garner(7-1-1) vs. Preston Marks(3-1)

CFP Bantamweight Champion Brandon Garner talks after the jump.

[Note by Kelvin Hunt, 04/28/10 10:59 AM EDT ]Edited to include that Garner will be fighting Preston Marks, btw...that fight is going to be ridiculous.