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UFC 113 Preview: Paul Daley Says He's A Different Species From Josh Koscheck

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From Daley's blog on

But now he says I am trying to raise my name in the sport by fighting him? He called me out; I could care less about him. I’ve been fighting top guys for years, in MMA and kickboxing. I was fighting top guys while you were doing your homework in college, hanging out with nerds, and wrestling.

He doesn’t know what is in store for him in two weeks. He’s in so deep. He can talk about my style all he wants, but he’s just a guy who no-one likes.

Okay, if we are doing this, let’s talk about his style. He’s not that great a wrestler. His takedowns have been stuffed by almost every opponent he’s faced. He can’t kick-box for crap, not if his life depended on it. If he tries to stand with me for even a second, I fear for his well-being.

His ground and pound is crap. If he grounded and pounded me in my sleep he’d barely have enough power in his punches to wake me up.

His subs are based on his strength; the technique is almost non-existent. He’s a good athlete and is strong, but I am so much stronger. I’m a different species than him. His subs just won’t work on me.

Forget it, Fraggle.

Oh, the countdown show for this one is going to be sick.  Trash talk will be off the charts.

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