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Undisputed Championship Fighting 1: "Beatdown In The Swamp"

Southeastern North Carolina will have a new player in the region when Ringside Promotions brings the Undisputed Championship Fighting event  to Lake Waccamaw, NC on May 15th  The "Beatdown In The Swamp" event will take place at East Columbus High School.  This kind of holds a special place in my heart as I grew up near this area, attending West Columbus High School.  Of course, we always gave East Columbus the business in sports.  Anyways, I had to just put that out there for my folk reading back home!  This is going to be a huge event with 12 fights on the card.  The doors will open at 6pm and the first fight will begin at 7:30pm.  You can call (910) 642-4607 for tickets or visit  The entire fight card can be found after the jump.

 -Michael Gallese(1-0) vs. Gustavo Duarte(1-1)

-Dennis Clifton(1-2) vs. Michael Lilly(0-0)

-Amy Bridgers(0-0) vs. Cara McCreddy(0-0)

-Alton Tyler(2-1) vs. Edwin Serria(0-0)

-Andrew Benton(1-0) vs. Michael Kirkham(1-2)

-Bobby Long(0-0) vs. Jeffrey Mettler(0-1)

-Justin Bartow(0-0) vs. Witt Pinkerton(0-0)

-Charles Johnson(0-0) vs. Aaron Shull(0-2)

-Albert Avery(0-1) vs. Josh Plato(0-3)

-Stacey Harrell(0-0) vs. Moses Avery(1-1)

-Gregory Weeks(2-0) vs. Anthony Wodjak(0-1)

-Timmy Barnhill(0-0) vs. Kevin Taylor(0-0)

-Josh Smith(0-0) vs. Josh Roher(0-0)