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Which Fighters Are The Biggest Overachievers in MMA?

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With all of the high profile bouts that have taken place in recent weeks, we as MMA fans have been somewhat spoiled in regard to seeing some of the sport's best athletes competing recently. But for every fighter that is gifted as a world class talent, there are countless more that toil to get noticed. Occasionally, a fighter with limited talent and natural ability will break their way into the top 10 world rankings in their weight class. This is the case in all combat sports and usually is accomplished by a combination of hard work, excellent use of strategy and perhaps a measure of luck. So here is what I was hoping for everyone to weigh in on: Which fighter(s) would you put in this category? Which fighters out there have gotten way more out of their ability (in terms of career results) than you ever thought possible? We see talent wasted in sports and in other walks of life all the time. Sometimes it can be inspiring (if not always the most entertaining thing to watch) to see a fighter go further in this industry than anyone thought.  Let us hear it. Which fighters get your vote?