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UFC 113 Preview: Josh Koscheck Says Paul Daley Only Has A Puncher's Chance To Beat Him

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From Koscheck's blog on

The way I see it, Paul Daley is just a guy that just likes to talk trash and he’s a one-dimensional fighter. Those guys are from the old days – like the one-dimensional wrestler or the one-dimensional striker. Those days are over, and you’ve got to become a complete mixed martial artist. But I was at that point once. I was a one-dimensional wrestler, and coming from The Ultimate Fighter days, if you look at the evolution of Josh Koscheck, I’ve changed and I’m excited about the transition I made and the sacrifices I made to get here. I can submit guys, I can knock guys out, I can head kick guys, and I’m not gonna have a problem standing toe-to-toe with Paul Daley. He’s not gonna hit me with anything I haven’t been hit with.

So it’s gonna be an exciting fight, and the fans are gonna be tuning in because they just never know what Josh Koscheck’s gonna do. Is he gonna strike? Is he gonna throw Paul Daley on his head and choke him out? Is he gonna ground and pound him? Or is he gonna mix it up and head kick him? There are so many ways that I can finish a fight, and I’m a fighter. I love to fight and the only time I’m ever happy is when I’m in the cage, and that’s why you see me fight so often – it’s because I love to fight. I want to be happy, so put me in the cage and let me fight.

As for Daley, this guy has only one chance on May 8th and that’s a puncher’s chance.

Koscheck is absolutely right in the fact that the interesting thing about this fight is everyone is wondering if he'll stand and trade with Daley.  Or will Daley be able to stop a couple of takedowns and knock Koscheck out on the feet?  Now we saw Koscheck stand and bang with another guy with dangerous standup in Anthony Johnson.  Koscheck stood in the pocket with him, but that fight did have its share of controversy.  Koscheck eventually took Johnson down and submitted him via rear naked choke.  Can Koscheck afford to stand with Daley at all, or is Daley's standup skills exaggerated a bit due to his two UFC opponents having horrible gameplans?

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