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Post WEC 48: Where Does Urijah Faber Go From Here?

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MMA is a tough sport as it takes a quite a while to get to the top of the mountain, but with one slip you wind up falling from grace so fast it'll make a Stephen Strasberg fastball look like slow motion.  So fast in fact that some people(no matter how idiotic) are calling for Urijah Faber to retire from the sport after his loss to Jose Aldo at WEC 48.

Here are some talking points as we talk about where Faber goes from here:

-Faber is still one of the best featerweight fighters in the world.  Which just proves how great Aldo is and will be.

-Faber is in his physical prime right now.

-Faber has options in regards to which weight class he wants to fight in

The first point is a no-brainer.  I just don't think Faber has the skill-set to beat Aldo..ever.  The only thing really hurting Faber right is those two losses to Mike Brown, who proceeded to get knocked out this past weekend by Manny Gamburyan(as unbelievable as that was).  Not only that, but Mike Brown has lost his last two fights with the other loss coming against Jose Aldo.  So with those two losses coupled with the dominant way that Aldo just took Faber apart, should he even stay in the featherweight division?

He definitely shouldn't retire.

He's probably too small to move up to the lightweight division, so the other option would be to move down to the bantamweight division.  The only problem there is his training partner Joseph Benavidez  just destroyed the former champion in Miguel Torres, and is probably on the cusp of getting a title shot in the division.  It's doubtful that Faber and Benavidez would ever fight one another, so if Benavidez does become the champion that throws a monkey wrench into all of that.

There is some preliminary talk of Aldo changing divisions to challenge for titles, so if he did do that it's possible that Faber could just stay in the featherweight division.  However, in the meantime, Faber has some decisions to make if he wants to stay relevant in the grand scheme of things. 

What do you think he should do?