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Post WEC 48: Where Does WEC Lightweight Champion Ben Henderson Fit In The Rankings?

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Well, another event has come and past and WEC lightweight champion Ben Henderson continues to rack up the wins. I fully expected Donald Cerrone to win this past weekend via unanimous decision, but as we now know, Henderson had full intentions on keeping that WEC lightweight title around his waist. It was Henderson's 11th consecutive win, with his last and only loss coming almost 3 and a half years ago.

Henderson hasn't fought any top ten guys, but he has defeated some legitimate competition. Donald Cerrone(2x), Jamie Varner, Anthony Njokuani, Jamie Varner, Shane Roller, and Diego Saraiva are all solid fighters. However, we have no way of knowing how Henderson would perform against elite competition.

I suppose the ultimate for Henderson would be the opportunity to compete against the world's best, and we know that those fighters(for the most part) are in the UFC's lightweight division. This could actually become a reality as UFC president Dana White has stated that he ultimately sees the WEC lightweight division folding into the UFC lightweight division. Which I think should happen, simply because what champion would want to be thought of as inferior even though both promotions are under the same umbrella? I'm referring to Henderson in this instance.

There are several guys in the UFC that I'd like to see Henderson fight: Tyson Griffin, Joe Stevenson, Spencer Fisher, Sean Sherk, and fighters of the like. Just so we could really get an accurate feel for where he stakes up competition wise. We know he has good wrestling, good cardio, and he's a purple belt in BJJ I think. Where do you think he in the grand scheme of things right now?

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