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Local Fight Scene Update: Results From Saturday's "Rage in the Cage" Show in Columbia, SC!

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Saturday evening saw former Division 2 All-American wrestler Kelly Anundson make a successful pro debut, winning by submission (armbar) in the first round. Props to the fighters from NC making the trip down and congratulations on your success. Also, special thanks to D'Juan Owens for the heads-up on the results. Check some of them out below:

Pro 205: Kelly Anundson (1-0) def. Dan Cucuta (0-1) by Submission in the 1st.

Pro 185: Chris McNally (2-2) def. Brian McGinnis (3-1) by Submission in the 2nd.

Pro HWT: John Richard (1-0) def. Jacob Shelton (2-5) by TKO in the 1st.

Am 155: D'Juan Owens (7-5) def. Michael Kirkham (1-3) by TKO in the 1st.

Am 185: Chris Crawford (5-2) def. Michael Ryan (1-1) by TKO in the 2nd. (didn't come out for 2nd round)

Am 155: Anthony Capps (2-1) over Paul Ellis (0-2) by Submission in the 1st.