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WEC 48 Recap: Aldo Dominates Faber, And Henderson Catches Cerrone Slipping To Retain WEC Titles

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Man, what a night of fights and that's coming from someone that was late to the PPV as I had some prior engagements.  I missed the entire Jorgensen/Banuelos fight, but I was able to catch up on the other fights that were shown.  I was very impressed with what I saw as the WEC lived up to it's reputation for putting on very good events and this one certainly was no different.  I don't even know where to start really, but I guess we'll go with the main event.

-The performance Jose Aldo put on against Urijah Faber might have been the most economical but destructive performance I've seen in MMA.  I was kind of worried after the first round because Aldo seemed almost too relaxed and Faber was using a lot of movement.  It was clear that Aldo landed the more solid shots in the first round, but Faber was moving alot and could have created the illusion that he should have won the round.  However, Aldo took over in the second round and just picked Faber apart.  Those leg kicks were devastating and Aldo landed them at will.  I think Aldo could have finished Faber if he really wanted to, it was almost like he showed him mercy or something.  Truth be told, that fight could have been stopped in the fourth round with Aldo had Faber in the crucifix position for over a minute.  Regardless, props to Faber for hanging in there, a lot of guys would have quit against Aldo.  I guess Faber needs to drop down to bantamweight?  Only problem with that is that's where his training partner Benavidez is...Faber's got some thinking to do.  Could Aldo defend against Gamburyan next?  Come on...really?

-Man, Ben Henderson has a guillotine out this world.  That's two in a row with the same submission for "Smoove" as he caught Cerrone slipping and caught him in that guillotine.  What's next for Henderson? 

-Wow, Manny Gamburyan knocked out Mike Brown.  I mean really is there anything to say after that?  I would have bet my life that that would have never happened....good thing I'm not a betting man.  Where does Mike Brown go from here?  That's a devastating loss for him at this stage of his career.

-I didn't get to see all of the Garcia/Jung fight, but from the parts I did see...that was a crazy fight.  How does Garcia just wing those mortal kombat uppercuts? you think he deserved to win?  I've heard conflicting reports, but again I missed the first speak on it.

-As mentioned earlier, I missed the Jorgensen/Banuelos fight but it's clear that Jorgensen has earned his chance for a re-match agaisnt Dominick Cruz in my opinion.  That guy has been on an absolute tear lately.  WEC...make it happen.

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