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Jon Jones Wants A Top Five Or Top Ten Opponent Next

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MMAFighting did a recent interview with the light heavyweight phenom and he spoke on a variety of things.  Mainly centered around who he thinks he should fight next, why he'd never fight a teammate, who he thinks the UFC wants him to fight.  Check it:

-I wouldn't fight Rashad for anything. He's my teammate and I feel like he allowed me to be a part of his team. Greg had a meeting with Rashad and Keith [Jardine] before he allowed me to be a part of Jackson's and they said it was okay with them. I could never betray them that way. It would be like biting the hand that fed me.

-I'm predicting a fight against someone like Ryan Bader, but I really wouldn't want to fight against Ryan. I think we're pretty close to the same spot career-wise. I wouldn't really want to fight someone who's in the same category as me. I'd rather fight someone who's really established, someone with a really big following, someone where there's a big risk of me losing the fight. I want to try and elevate and make it to the top as fast as possible. I just want a fight with a lot of risk.

-I'm not one to call out anyone. I never call people out. But I'd like to have someone who's in the top ten, an established big name fighter. Someone like Forrest [Griffin] or [Antonio Rogerio] Nogueira or Rich Franklin. Someone up there in the top five or top 10. Someone where a win would be really huge for my career.

See, I like the young man's thought process.  A fight with Bader wouldn't make any sense at this stage of their careers.  There are enough established guys at light heavyweight for the two to be matched up against without having them having to fight one another right now.  However, he's also using the same scenario that Bobby Lashley is using to a degree.  He wants to fight someone legit, so if he loses, the loss will not be THAT damaging to his career at this point.  I mean if he were to fight Antonio Rogerio Noguiera next and lose, will that would be a lot better than losing to someone like Keith Jardine.  Personally, I would like to see him take on Thiago Silva once Silva has recovered from his back injury.  What say you?