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MMA For Real WEC 48: Aldo vs. Faber Staff Predictions

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Kelvin Hunt:

Aldo takes Faber out in Rd. 3-I think Faber will fight cautiously in the first round trying to gauge the distance and speed of Aldo, unfortunately for him Aldo will be doing the same thing.  Aldo is the quicker more explosive of the two, and will have a slight reach advantage.  I expect Faber to go out on his shield because the guy has tremendous heart, but I just don't see where he wins this fight unless it's via the Frankie Edgar strategy against BJ Penn.  The only problem is that Aldo has the advantage there as well.

Donald Cerrone beats Henderson via UD-I don't think these guys can replicate the fight they had last year.  I think Cerrone knows what to expect in this one and he'll have the advantage standing again.  All he has to do is stop the takedowns, but if not I do think it's possible that he could submit Henderson.  He came awfully close the last time they fought.  Henderson was getting beat to the punch/kick by Varner before he caught him in the guillotine.  If he does that against Cerrone this time around, he'll pay for it.

Mike Brown beats Manny Gamburyan via destruction-LOL..nah...Manny has heart so he'll probably try to make a fight out of it.  I just don't see anyway he can win though. 

Njokuani takes out Roller via TKO-Njokuani has dynamite in his hands and feet.  As long as he keeps the fight standing, it's all him. 

Jorgensen beats Banuelos via UD-I thought Jorgensen won the first time, and I think he's improved more since that fight than Banuelos.  This should be the fight of the night...again.

SBN coverage of WEC 48: Aldo vs. Faber

Rich Wyatt:

Aldo over Faber by TKO in the 3rd. I think that Urijah will give a spirited effort in this one. There is no doubt in my mind that he's still one of the elite featherweights in the sport. Unfortunately for him, he's taking on the best. I wouldn't be surprised if Faber does well early, perhaps even winning a round. As the fight wears on, however, I see him getting caught with a combination that will spell victory for Jose.
Cerrone over Henderson by decision. It wouldn't surprise me to see this fight go the distance. These two are both busy fighters that will push a pace which should make for an entertaining fight. I see Cerrone taking this one by getting the better of the striking exchanges and scoring points with the judges by actively looking for submissions when Henderson has him on the mat.
Brown over Gamburyan by decision. I see Brown as being a bad matchup for Gamburyan stylistically. Look for Brown to get the better of his opponent standing and my guess is that he'll perform well enough to get the decision.
Njokuani over Roller by TKO in the 2nd. Njokuani is an exciting fighter and I think he'll win. He should take care, though, to cautious. Roller is capable of catching him with a submission.
Jorgenson over Banuelos by submission in the 2nd. After an eventful first round, I foresee Jorgenson catching Banuelos in a choke for the victory.

Charles Walker:

Jose Aldo over Urijah Faber via TKO in round 2
Ben Henderson over Donald Cerrone via split decision (again)
Mike Brown over Manny Gamburyan via TKO in early round 3
Anthony Njokuani over Shane Roller via TKO in round 2
Scott Jorgensen over Antonio Banuelos via decision
Leonard Garcia over Chan Sung Jung via decision
Anthony Pettis over Alex Karalexis via submission in round

Robert Downey Sr.:

Jose Aldo vs. Urijah Faber

Aldo is the next big thing, but not yet. He's remarkably fast, but it wasn't so long ago people said the same for Faber. Faber is the old dog in this fight, and has more tricks up his sleeve than Aldo has ever seen. Obviously, if Faber stays in the Aldo's range he'll be picked apart and probably knocked out. But I think he'll bide his time until he sees an opening to get this to the ground, and close the upset there. Faber by Submission, Round 2

Ben Henderson vs. Donald Cerrone

Henderson won their previous fight in large part to heavy strikes standing over Cerrone's guard. While Cerrone displayed a very live guard and threatened multiple subissions, including a tight triangle in the first round, an armbar in the second, and a guillotine in the fourth, Henderson made it through and took the decision, though Cerrone won the latter rounds. I think Cerrone comes out more urgent in this one and mixes it up with is Muay Thai a bit more, earning him more points in the eyes of the judges. Neither fighter will finish the other, though it won't be for lack of trying. Cerrone by Decision

Mike Brown vs. Manvel Gamburyan

Gamburyan has looked good but certainly not like any kind of world-beater since dropping to 145. Leonard Garcia was able to land some heavy shots in Manny's last fight, and Brown brings a whole lot of thunder in his fists. The former champ takes his first step on the road back to the title. Brown by TKO, Round 1

Anthony Njokuani vs. Shane Roller

I expect something equally as violent as what Njokuani did to Chris Horodecki, minus the attempt to get the hell out of Dodge by Roller. Njokuani is a very exciting fighter, and I think he'll take home his fourth straight KO of the Night here. Njokuani by KO, Round 1

Antonio Banuelos vs. Scott Jorgensen

I thought Jorgensen won the first fight, and he's a better fighter now than then. Jorgensen by Decision (It'll be a good one, though)