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WEC 48 Preview: Donald Cerrone Wants To Beat Henderson, Then Finish Score With Varner

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I used to start slow; I don’t start slow anymore,” said Cerrone, a seasoned kickboxer who has, ironically, won 10 of his 11 matches by submission. “I’ve corrected that problem of starting slow. And Ben can be finished. He’s not super-human. He can be knocked out. His jaw is definitely questionable. I feel like I knocked him out when he was on top of me and fell on me (in the second round). And he can definitely be choked out. I’ve fixed those mistakes and I’m ready to show the world that he can be put away.”

“I want to win the title and then call Varner out and settle the score with him,” Cerrone said. “I have a score to settle with Ben also – it’s not just Varner. I need to finish him this time … Bring that (expletive) on, Ben! … I got a whole ‘nother bag of tricks for Ben. I just keep thinking that after this fight I’ll hear the words, ‘And the new lightweight champion of the world … Cowboy Cerrone!’ That’s what runs through my mind. Ben and I got Fight of the Year last year. I think it will be fight of the year again. So if fans want to see a five-round, all-out war, tune in.”

I doubt they can replicate what they did last year, but it should still be one hell of a fight.  Stay tuned for the breakdown of this fight later.

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