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Herschel Walker Hopes to Fight Again This Year, Responds to Dana White

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Herschel Walker Will Fight Again in 2010, Responds to Dana White Criticism (via ArielHelwani)

"I’m getting ready to get back into the gym, to get serious about training again… I will fight again…

I hope [my next fight] takes place toward the end of the year."

Walker also addressed the criticism directed toward him from Dana White:

"I'm in this sport because I love it... I don't need media attention...."

I'm thrilled by Walker's intentions, though I'm in the minority. As a Georgia Bulldogs fan, he is to me what Ronald Reagan is to Sean Hannity. Whatever you think of Strikeforce putting him on main cards, it's hard to deny that Walker is one of the absolute best spokesmen for the sport and brings undeniable credibility when talking to even the greatest skeptics of mainstream sports media.