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Report: Penn And Edgar Re-Match At UFC 118 In Boston, Massachusetts

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From Fighters Only:

Former UFC lightweight champion BJ Penn will get his rematch with Frankie Edgar on August 28th, Fighters Only can reveal after speaking with several key sources. The fight will headline UFC 118, the UFC’s first card in Boston, Massachusetts.

Penn lost the title to Edgar at UFC 112 on April 10th by way of a controversial unanimous decision. Edgar outworked and outmanoeuvred Penn for much of the fight, but it was an extremely close affair that produced three very different judges’ scorecards. One judge gave all five rounds to Edgar, but that score has been widely ridiculed.

I was against having an immediate re-match simply because the division could use some 'new blood' with Penn being so dominant.  However, I can't really argue with this simply because Penn won the initial fight in my opinion.  Also, this will be the UFC's first event in Boston, so you already know the card is going to do well.  But having Edgar in the main event since he's from nearby Jersey is a great move and will certainly motivate BJ Penn to get that belt back.  Like losing a questionable decision wasn't enough?  I wonder what type of adjustments Edgar is going to make in this fight?  Can he follow the same blueprint as he did at UFC 112, or will he have to come up with a totally new way to surprise BJ Penn?