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WEC 48 Preview: Scott Jorgensen Looking To Avenge Controversial Loss To Banuelos

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"I felt I got robbed, I felt like I had something taken from me, something I earned," Jorgensen said of the loss to Banuelos. "There’s no doubt it was a close fight… Yes, Antonio won that first round, but the second round, nah, I beat him and controlled him, I stopped his takedowns and put him in danger with a couple of submissions, my strikes were landing and I was more efficient, powerful and did more damage. The third round was clearly mine as well. You know, I went out there and established my jab and striking. I stopped his shots, put him in danger with submissions again, landed some solid strikes and cut him up bad. I mean, he left the cage with huge cuts under his eyes and ended the third round on his back just trying to survive. I feel like I won that fight and a lot of people out there do, and there’s a lot of people that think Antonio won and I think that’s why we got this fight. Let’s settle this without the judges. I’m gonna beat him so badly he’s not going to know what happened in that first fight."

I fully agree with Jorgensen in that he should have won that fight as it went to the judges.  The first fight was great, so if the encore is even close we'll be in for a treat.  This fight will be the first fight on the televised portion of the WEC PPV, so you know they want to come out and set the tone early in this one.  

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