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Urijah Faber Says He's A Better Fighter Than WEC Featherweight Champ Jose Aldo

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Check out the full interview via MMAFighting:

"I feel like I’m the better fighter. And I really feel like I’m the more well-rounded fighter with the wrestling, the jiu-jitsu, the standup as a whole, being the guy that’s been in longer fights, being the guy that’s better in the inbetweens of fighting …

 I’m facing a dangerous guy, but I think I’m the better fighter…Although he’s a black belt, I saw his fights three-four years ago, and his ground game really didn’t look too good to me. So he’s pretty new to the ground game. You can accomplish a lot in three years, but I’ve been doing the grappling thing for 16-17 years…It’s going to come down to, who’s going to have the heart, the mentality, the tenacity to win the fight. And I think I’m the guy."

I won't say that Faber has no chance, especially with the way MMA has been going lately.  However, the only way I see him winning this fight is by pulling a Frankie Edgar agaisnt BJ Penn type of gameplan.  The only problem with that is that Aldo can match or surpass the speed at which Faber moves.  In regards to Aldo's groundgame, the way he handled Mike Brown(who's no slouch on the ground) is all I needed to see.  I guess we'll find out this weekend if Faber will have a re-birth at featherweight, or be forced to change weight divisions to keep his name relevant.

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