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Nothing Beats A Live UFC Event!

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I've watched combat sports throughout most of my life and I've attended more than my share of live events and I've got to admit that attending the UFC Fight Night event on Wednesday lived up to every expectation that I had. I have attended a world championship boxing match in Madison Square Garden so I'll use the two experiences to contrast and compare, although I recognize that the UFC event that I attended was one of the smaller UFC events with a lesser lineup than would normally be seen, for instance, at a pay-per-view event. The first major contrast I noticed is that lots of folks on Wednesday were at the event and in their seats prior to the first match starting. I knew this about MMA prior to Wednesday but I guess I never really had an appreciation for just how many fight fans arrived early. In my opinion, this is especially impressive considering the event was in the middle of the work week and the gates opened before most area fans were able to leave the office and battle rush hour traffic. The UFC clearly has invested money in the overall fan experience at these shows. The lighting and music help contribute to an exciting atmosphere and highlight videos play frequently on the multiple big screens throughout the arena (these were definitely brought in for this event by Zuffa because the arena is old as dirt). All of this helped get everyone excited for the fights. And speaking of the fights, the pacing was perfect. With eleven bouts scheduled, there was very little downtime between matches and that kept the crowd energized throughout the entire four and a half hours. In contrast, at most big-time boxing events the arena is practically empty up until an hour and a half prior to the main event and there is tons of downtime with very little, if any, entertainment for the fans in attendance. Some of the fights on Wednesday were very entertaining and some weren't, but my overall experience was, without question, very positive and I'll definitely be attending another UFC event sometime soon. I know that many of you have probably attended UFC, Strikeforce or other substantial MMA events in the past. What was your experience like?