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The Winners And Losers From Strikeforce: Nashville On CBS

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I have to apologize for not getting more content up lately, but the wife and I are trying to do some really big things business wise in preparation for the twins coming.  Anyways, here are my Strikeforce winners and losers with the winners being first since there are not many:

Jake Shields-Is the biggest winner probably as he was able to dominate a fighter in Dan Henderson that many thought would absolutely destroy him.  He was able to erase that latest memory of his hugfest with Jason "Mayhem" Miller in his last outing.  He was able to position himself to make a lot of money either with Strikeforce or move on to the UFC where he'll fight the best of the best in the UFC welterweight division.

King Mo Lawal-He overcame the odds to defeat a fighter that many thought would dominate him in only his 7th fight to become the Strikeforce light heavyweight champion.  It's clear that Lawal has some holes in his game, namely cardio and striking that needs to be sured up.  However, he fought through adversity to get the win...even it was wasn't pretty.  It'll be interesting to see who he fights next

Gilbert Melendez-Melendez dominated a top 5 lightweight to retain his Strikeforce lightweight title.  It's not THAT big of a win in my opinion, simply because Aoki is REALLY one dimensional, but it's a solid win nonetheless.  The only question now is...who's he going to fight next?

The Losers   

The Fans-The show was pretty horrible, from the fights to the announcers that didn't have a clue while showing blatant bias towards certain fighters(I know this happens in other promotions, but they were over the top sometimes IMO).

The Strikeforce Promotion-Three title fights that were largely un-entertaining, that went way over the allotted time slot on CBS, only to have a huge street fight break out in the middle of the cage.  This could quite possibly be the last time we see Strikeforce or MMA in general on CBS.  Without CBS, Strikeforce no longer holds the #2 spot in MMA promotions.

Japenese MMA-Can Japanese MMA be taken serious when their arguably best fighter got dominated the way he did?  Personally, I'd like to see Kawijiri come over as I think he has the tools to fair better than Aoki did.

Gegard Mousasi-He really needs to fight at 185 IMO.  I knew he didn't have the takedown the defense to stop Lawal from taking him down, and I thought his submissions off his back were overrated and I was right.  I think he can be competitive with some top guys, but he can't beat the elite LHW's in the world.  Lawal stood and traded with him on many occasions and Mousasi couldn't do much with the opportunities.  The hype train can chill for a while now hopefully.

Dan Henderson-His mediocre career at 185 just took another hit.  At 39 years of age, you know the cut was a little harder for him and he hadn't fought in almost a year.  However, he got dominated by a guy that should be fighting at 170.  I think he should move back up to LHW and fight Mousasi.

SBN coverage of Strikeforce: Nashville on CBS