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Gilbert Melendez Dominates Shinya Aoki To Retain Strikeforce Lightweight Title

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In a fight that wasn't even competitive, Gilbert Melendez used his wrestling to keep the fight standing and punish Shinya Aoki for five rounds. 

Every round was an exact replica of the round before as Shinya Aoki wasn't able to get anything accomplished on the feet or on the ground.  Melendez landed strikes at will as the fight was on the feet, and even went to Aoki's strength several times during the fight.  He played in Aoki's guard and landed several strong strikes which Aoki didn't have any answer for.  Especially in the third round when Melendez had Aoki pinned against the cage and delivered several solid right hands to the head of Aoki.  However, Aoki did show some heart in that he took the punishment to the very end.  It'll be interesting to see how this shakes up the rankings of the lightweight division as Aoki was thought to be a top 5 lightweight coming into this fight.  However, it was his fight cage fight and he was fighting without his magic tights.  I don't think it was a major factor in the fight with the gameplan that Melendez implemented though.  He was dominant in every round.  

Gilbert Melendez retains the Strikeforce lightweight title via Unanimous Decision.

SBN coverage of Strikeforce: Nashville on CBS