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Dan Henderson Implies That Dana White And The UFC Owe Him Money

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Dan Henderson spoke with the LA Times and provided some of his reasoning for not re-signing with the UFC.  Check it:

-Yet, there was a strong feeling gnawing at Henderson that he'd been shorted. UFC 100 generated about 1 million to 1.5 million pay-per-view buys, and Henderson knew he had been slotted to receive a substantial cut of that revenue before a heavyweight title fight was shifted onto the card, relegating Henderson-Bisping short of a co-main event.

-"I never saw a dime," Henderson says of the [UFC Undisputed] video game money. "Where do you think the money should go? The fighters are asked to sign away their likeness rights, and [the UFC] tries to get it forever."

-- Another UFC business stance that irked Henderson was the company's interest in charging apparel sponsors, like Henderson's own Clinch Gear, a fee, such as $10,000 for four months of unlimited appearances in the UFC octagon. "It's like UFC is sticking their hands in our pockets," Henderson said.

- Henderson said he understands "it's a business," but noted that White "said he'd write me a check for $25,000" for public appearances connected to a future fight after UFC 100, "and I never saw that either. It's made me think I need everything in writing from now on."

-"I don't think Strikeforce is too far off," Henderson said. "We need some more heavyweights and 205-pounders, but as contracts in the UFC begin to expire, guys are going to start looking in a different direction now because of me."

Lots more over on the LA Times website.  I don't think I need to comment on too much of this, but I'll speak on a little of it. 

-If the Brock Lesnar/Frank Mir II fight had not been moved to that fight card, it would have never seen over one million PPV buys....resulting in less pay for Henderson.

-I don't even claim to know much about the video game situation, but I for sure would have gotten written documentation in regards to what I was entitled to compensation wise from appearing in the game.

-Same thing for the 25K public appearances thing.  Why these fights and managers(Monte Cox for one) continue to do deals verbally/on hand shakes/stupidity is beyond me.  GET OFFICIAL DOCUMENTATION and we wouldn't be having this conversation.  Which is just another instance of just how far MMA is behind other sports. 

HT: Bloodyelbow 

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