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UFC PrimeTime Returns For Rampage Jackson Vs. Rashad Evans At UFC 114

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That's the word according to as it's listed on their schedule of events for May 12th at 11pm.  This hasn't been 'officially' announced that I'm aware of, but I don't see why it would be listed if indeed it's not going to take place(insert Dana White lying joke).  Haha.  This will be the third installment of the UFC Primetime series, with the first two featuring Georges St. Pierre as he prepared to take on BJ Penn at UFC 94 and Dan Hardy at UFC 111.  Both of those PPV's did monstrous numbers. 

This Rampage vs. Evans fight has long been in the making ever since they both squared off in a verbal shouting match at UFC 96, after Rampage Jackson had just beat Evan's training partner Keith Jardine(the video is after the jump).  At first I thought this would be a waste of time and money on the UFC's part, because I thought this fight would sell itself.  However, doing the UFC Primetime for this one now makes a lot of sense to me because there are a lot of questions coming into this fight.  Primarily those questions are regarding what Rampage Jackson will bring to the table.  He's been out of MMA since the UFC 96 win which took place over a year ago in March 09, as he's been filming a 'A-Team' movie re-make. Doing this show can help highlight portions of Jackson's training camp to determine what type of shape he's going to be in for this fight.  We all know he absolutely hates training, and what the long layoff prior to his UFC 86 title defense against Forrest Griffin cost him performance wise.  Not only that, but it'll also help introduce him back into the fold in regards to MMA fans since he's been gone for quite a while. 

If that's not enough, the trash talk between these two combatants will be epic.  I can't wait to see this if it comes to fruition.  Check the video after the jump if you've never seen it, and if you've seen it again!  Give me your thoughts on this, or would you have rather seen a UFC Primetime for Lesnar/Carwin at UFC 116?  

HT: Bloodyelbow

Mind you, Evans had just knocked out Forrest Griffin to obtain the UFC light heavyweight title.  Which Jackson lost in a controversial decision at UFC 86 to Griffin.  However, Evans lost the title to Lyoto Machida via KO at UFC 98 in his first title defense.