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Is Immediate Re-Match Between BJ Penn And Frankie Edgar Too Soon?

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It hasn't even been a week yet since Frankie Edgar questionably took the UFC lightweight title away from BJ Penn. However, there are already talks about the two facing one another in an immediate re-match as BJ Penn said so in a recent interview. Edgar has stated that he would like a little more time before the re-match, citing his pregnant wife will be due to give birth in a few months and he wants to improve as a fighter. There's also the angle that BJ Penn was not 100% for the Edgar fight due to a sinus infection.

I still think Penn won the fight, but for some odd reason and I think he deserves the re-match somewhat. However, I don't want to see an immediate re-match. Partially because the first fight wasn't that enjoyable for me, and secondly, I want to see how Edgar does against someone like Kenny Florian or if he can avenge his loss to Gray Maynard. It would give some much needed life in the UFC lightweight division, because had Penn retained the belt, it would have been hard to watch him against guys that have little chance of winning.

Do you want to see an immediate re-match, or do you think that would be too soon?