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How Long Will Frankie Edgar Hold On To The UFC Lightweight Strap?

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I know a lot of people are unhappy with the way the decision went down between BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar. A lot of people still think Penn won, but that's neither here nor there now. Edgar is the champion now, but that's not such a bad thing in that it shakes up the division quite a bit. Guys that probably wouldn't be getting title shots might have a better chance of earning that opportunity now. It'll be no easy task, but I wonder just how long Frankie Edgar will be able to hold on to the strap? It's a pretty deep division, and Edgar will be facing some steep competition. Check out the list:

-Gray Maynard(Who's already beaten Edgar)

-Kenny Florian

-BJ Penn

-Tyson Griffin

-Sean Sherk

He's already defeated Sherk and Griffin, but those fights were fairly competitive(actually the Griffin fight was razor close), but a long time ago.