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Chael Sonnen Takes Aim At Anderson Silva After UFC 112

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From MMAJunkie:

"I wasn't surprised," Sonnen said. "It is par for the course."  "I don't find it unsportsmanlike, because I don't know why he's doing it," Sonnen said. "He could well be doing one of those antics to try to get his opponent to engage. But I have a hard time blaming him for that.  "I [saw] those antics against Forrest (Griffin); Forrest got baited into it and got knocked out for his efforts, so I don't blame [Silva] for doing that stuff, and I don't consider it unsportsmanlike because I don't know what's in his heart. Meaning to be a jerk, well, that's unsportsmanlike. When he doesn't mean to be a jerk, it's kind of hard to pin that on him."

"I'll watch the fight, but Silva's been in my crosshairs anyway, whether it's beating him for the belt or to win the belt and go beat him up after that." Sonnen said. "He's getting beaten up in 2010 by Chael Sonnen. That's been the story from the jump.

"There's people out there that need (to be) beaten up – he's one of them. And I have a moral obligation to society to beat him up."  "[Silva] is a dirtbag anyway, whether he went out there and shook hands and was gracious or he didn't," Sonnen said. "Who cares? I don't know why sportsmanship needs to be involved, anyways. It's a fight – go do whatever you want.

"So, yes, I will do whatever I want. And when my music hits those speakers, I will make that walk and answer for my words."

Anderson Silva may have danced his way right out of this matchup after UFC 112.  I must say I had NO interest in seeing a Silva/Sonnen fight, but Sonnen has really stepped up his trash talking to the point that I want to see it now.  Not to mention the way he thrashed Nate Marquardt.  I also want to see how Silva would do agaisnt someone with the wrestling credentials of Chael Sonnen(and no you can't point to the Henderson fight and draw the same conclusions).  Maia couldn't get Silva to the ground, but Maia's wrestling is not even comparable to what Sonnen brings to the table in that department.  It's the only fight left at middleweight that I care to see.  The Silva/Belfort fight didn't, and still doesn't intrigue me because I don't think Belfort can strike with Silva.  His reach would be too great.  

Sonnen was in line to fight on the UFC 112 card, but wasn't able to because of the amount of time he needed to heal after the Marquardt fight at UFC 109.  So he's the real #1 contender.  Does this fight interest you at all at this point?