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UFC 112: Recap/Commentary And Bonus Information

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UFC 112 began like a virgin on the way to his first climax only to end like his grandpops with no viagra. 

-Kendall Grove: You had it, but that victory was like trying to nail jello to a wall.  You just couldn't quite get it done.  I almost think he beat himself, because he was doing well in the second round as well until he lost position to Munoz.  It was like once Munoz gained top position, it was a wrap.  Why just lay there under a wrestler with heavy hands throwing upkicks?  Which I knew once Munoz got that position, that's exactly what would happen.

-Mark Munoz:  He showed a lot of heart and determination by getting through that onslaught from Kendall Grove.  I want to say that it shouldn't have even happened, but Grove did have a significant reach advantage over Munoz.  I'm not sold on Munoz being a contender, but he is a big deal for anyone that's underneath while he has top position.  The guy throws with bad intentions and knows how to finish once he gets someone hurt.

-Raphael Dos Anjos:  Man, I've liked this kid since the Tyson Griffin fight.  I always knew he was solid.  He did a good job surviving guillotine in the first.  I was really impressed with him tonight, and he did just as I said he would if Etim through those kicks.  Once the fight went to the ground it was all Dos Anjos in the second round.  This kid is a handful for any middle tier lightweight.  That's now three wins in a row for him in the UFC.

-Phil Davis:  I told yall to be on the lookout for Phil Davis!  I was surprised that he had that much difficulty taking Gustafsson to the ground with his wrestling.  But, once he got it there I knew he'd submit him.  I even called it in the first round.  I'm telling you kats, Davis is the next big thing in the UFC LHW division...right behind Jon Jones.  You heard it here first.

-Matt Hughes:  It took you 3 rounds to put away a 43 year old Renzo Gracie that hadn't fought in three years.  It's amazing to me that Hughes was the dominant champion that he was with the stand up skills that he doesn't have.  It's also a testament of how much MMA has evolved since then as well.

-BJ Penn: Something seemed off about him tonight, even though I thought he won the fight.  He looked a big gassed toward the end of the fight, whereas he looked really fresh at the same point during the Florian/Sanchez fights.  I wonder how this will affect him.  I do know that it shakes up the division a bit.  I think it was a fairly close fight, but there's no way Edgar won ALL five rounds.  That's retarded.

-Frankie Edgar: I wrote that I thought Edgar would make it to a decision, but I never thought he'd win it.  I think he had a good game plan, using a lot of lateral moment and kind of picking his spots to come forward with his offense.  It's going to be REALLY hard for me to put him as the #1 LW in the world.  Really hard.  But, I take my hat off to him..he fought a good/smart fight.  It's too bad that his performance will get overshadowed by Anderson Silva nonchalant actions.

-Demian Maia:  I don't want to knock the guy.  He gave it his all, but was toyed with for 5 rounds.  The scary/sad part is that Maia is a top ten middleweight, and Silva was playing with him like he was an amateur.  I will applaud him for still training to bring the fight to Silva even though he was being taunted and had one of his eyes closed shut.  In particular, the exchange where he connected a couple of time...fell to a knee and still kept swinging at Silva in the fourth round I think it was. 

-Anderson Silva:  See the post I'll be writing shortly.         

Here are the UFC 112 Bonuses:

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