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UFC 112 Results: Anderson Silva Retains Title In One-Sided Decison Over Demian Maia

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The fight begins and Silva has his hands really low and switches stances a couple of times.  Silva with a side kick.  Silva with a solid leg kick.  Silva with a spinning back kick.  Silva is showboating heavily now.  Silva with a nice jab and a low kick.  Maia hasn't done anything thus far.  Silva with another leg kick and a right hand.  Silva with a flying knee that drops Maia tot he ground.  Maia butt scooting across the cage and ges back to his feet.  Silva with a right hand and Maia goes to the ground as the bell sounds.

The second round begins and Maia comes forward with a wild right.  Maia eats a jab.  Silva with a leg kick.  Silva with his hands down by his knees.  Silva stuffs a Maia takedown....and another.  Silva is taunting Maia heavily now.  Silva lands body kick and stuffs another Maia takedown.  Silva still taunting Maia and lands a leg kick that almost takes Maia's leg off.  Silva with a right hand...and another....and another. 

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The third round begins and Maia throws a left hook that misses.  Maia is bleeding heavily from his face.  Silva with leg kicks.  Silva with back to back side kicks.  Silva just moving non-chalantly in the cage and Maia has nothing for Silva.  Silva lands a headkick in a wild exchange.  Maia lands a left cross.  Maia eats a right hand.  Silva just shrugs Maia off as he went for a take down. 

The fourth round begins Silva with a side kick.  Maia with a overhand left that lands.  The crowd boo's.  Maia swinging wildly and misses.  Silva with a front kick.  Silva with a left and leg kick.  Silva with another leg kick and left straight.  Maia isn't offereing anything as he eats a jab.  Silva lands a jab.  Silva dancing like he did at UFC 97 against Thales Leites.  The crowd boos and both fighters taunt one another in a VERY lackluster round.

The final round begins(thank GOD) and Maia's left eye is completely closed.  Silva with a headkick.  Maia shoots for take down and it isn't even close to being successful.  Silva dancing again.  Maia lands his three best punches of the night.  Maia lands some more punches.  Silva with a spinning back kick.  Silva just walking around.  Maia grabs a single leg and tries to pull guard, but Silva isn't haven't it with 2 mins left in the fight.  Maia is bleeding heavily from his nose.  Silva is running around the cage.  Silva still running.  Silva is warned by the ref for running.  Silva still toying with Maia as the bell sounds.