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UFC 112 Results: Matt Hughes Puts A Gassed Renzo Gracie Away In Rd. 3 Via TKO

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The fight begins and they come out pretty cautious.  Hughes with a lunging jab and kick so far, but nothing doing.  Gracie pawing with the jab, but hitting air at this point.  Hughes pushes forward with jabs that don't land.  Gracie with a nice left hook.  The crowd is chanting for Gracie.  Gracie with a nice 1-2 combo that lands.  Hughes clinches with Gracie against the cage.  Hughes is holding on to the cage, but the ref doesn't see it.  Hughes with a lunging hook but misses.  He gets double underhooks and pushes Gracie against the cage.  They trade jabs in the center of the cage.  Hughes with a leg kick.  Hguehs with a superman punch but stops halfway thru the manuver.  Hughes with a nice right hand with ten seconds left.  Gracie with a front kick.

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The second round starts and they start out cautious again.  Gracie with a jab and Hughes returns with a leg kick.  Hughes with a slow left hook that hits air and Gracie lunges with a hook of his own.  Brief scramble but both return to their feet.  Hughes with a leg kick.  Gracie with a short 1-2 combo.  Gracie with a leg kick.  Hughes with a 1-2.  Gracie with a body shot.  Hughes with a leg kick after he missed with the jab.  Hughes with a nice jab and leg kick combo.  Hughes starting to pick up the pace towards the end of a lackluster round.

The final round starts and Hughes lands another leg kick....and another.  They trade left hooks.  Hughes with a shot to the body as they clinched briefly.  Hughes with another leg kick and he looks to be picking up the action.  Hughes lands an uppercut and clinches with Gracie.  Hughes with another uppercut and Gracie looks like he's in trouble now.  He's visibly tired and Hughes senses it.  Gracie is gassed.  Hughes with leg kick that takes Gracies leg out from under him.  He does it again!  Hughes is toying with Gracie at this point.  Gracie with a leg kick.  Hughes with nice combination that finishes Gracie.  Gracie was moreso done from being gassed than from the shots from Hughes IMO.