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UFC 112 Results: Raphael dos Anjos Submits Terry Etim In Rd. 2

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The fight begins and Etim fires a legkick first and then a headkick that's blocked.  Dos Anjos fires a low kick that's checked.  Dos Anjos shoots in for a double leg and gets it but Etim locks up a guillotine choke as the go down to the mat.  Etim is squeezing hard, but Dos Anjos looks like he is defending well.  Etim is probably gassing his arms out right now.  Dos Anjos pops his head out and Etim throws his legs up for a armbar, but Dos Anjos uses that to pass to side control.  Dos Anjos with thunderous knees to Etim's body...and again.  The ref says Dos Anjos was hitting Etim in the spine...which is illegal.  The ref stands them up.  Dos Anjos with a straight left that lands as they clinch against the cage.  Dos Anjos was going for a single leg but lost his balance and Etim followed him to the ground.  Etim in Dos Anjos's butterfly guard.  Etim posturing up, but Dos Anjos does a good job of controlling his posture.  Dos Anjos rolls for a kneebar but Etim defends as the bell sounds.

The second round starts and Dos Anjos lands a solid leg kick.  Etim returns the favor.  Dos Anjos eats a leg kick but lands a left hook.  Etim with a body kick, Dos Anjos catches it and takes Etim down to the ground in side control.  Dos Anjos with knee on belly, but slides into Etim's half guard.  Dos Anjos back into side control.  Dos Anjos with some nice elbows to Etim's head.  Dos Anjos with knee on belly again and winds up in half guard again after throwing some elbows.  Dos Anjos with more GnP.  Very nice elbows.  Etim looking to survive at this point.  Dos Anjos moves to the north/south position.  He's working a kimura, but switches to the armbar.  He extends it and Etim is forced to tap after trying to hold out for a split second. 

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