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UFC 112 Results: Mark Munoz Survives A Beating To Blast Kendall Grove In Rd. 2

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The fight begins and both fighters are cautious trying ot find their distance.  Munoz gets the takedown against the cage and is throwing with bad intentions.  They are back up to their feet and Grove catches Munoz with an uppercut as he shoots in.  Munoz is hurt and goes to the ground.  Munoz grabbing for a single leg but Grove is still defending and firing punches at the same time.  Munoz switches to a double, but Grove is defending with an over/under against the cage.  However, Munoz is using the time to recover probably.  The ref restarts the action in the center of teh cage.  Munoz shoots for a takedown but Grove stuffs it.  Grove with an anaconda choke, but lets it go.  Grove with a guillotine and it looks deep.  Munoz survives that somehow and Grove is going for another choke with 10 seconds left but lets it go.  Grove dominated that round, but Munoz survived somehow.

The second round starts and Munoz comes out swinging.  Grove with a huge knee and he takes Munoz back.  Grove working for a armbar/triangle, but Munoz escapes and takes top position.  Munoz is throwing heavy leather with Grove trapped against the cage.  Munoz working the body within Grove's full guard.  Munoz with devastating body shots.  Grove trying to use his length to defend, but Munoz is having none of it.  He is absolutely relentless as he throws Grove's legs aside and lands bombs.  Grove rolls and turtles up,  Munoz relentless with punches and the ref comes in to save Grove from further punishment. 

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