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When Should We Consider Roy Nelson a "Contender"?

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Roy Nelson's emphatic KO of up-and-comer Stefan Struve at Ultimate Fight Night 21 last night has caught everyone's attention, that is, if his drubbings of Brendan Schaub and Kimbo Slice hadn't. Struve was Nelson's most legitimate competition since his UFC arrival and Big Country absolutely trucked him, continuing his climb up the heavyweight ladder.

A lot of clamor is being made about a Roy Nelson-Junior dos Santos fight while the Brock Lesnar/Shane Carwin/Cain Velasquez situation sorts itself out, and I'm all for it. I think a win by either fighter solidifies their credentials for title-contention, and it sure would be a fun fight. Personally, I'd love to see Nelson at a serious, elite camp and go from there, but he's gotten by so far working out of his basement. But I'm also of the opinion that we will eventually see Nelson's named mentioned for a title shot no matter what. What do you guys think?