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Lights Out Radio Presented by - Episode 198: The Great Debate

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Matt, Neil and Forrest will be LIVE! at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT Friday for a special edition of Lights Out Radio. This is a special edition because it will feature a school-like DEBATE between our own Forrest Lynn and friend of the show Zak Woods of The two will battle is a best-of-three question series with each participant coming up with a question and Matt coming up with the third. It should be a riot. And if you don't believe so, check Twitter

So join us for a Lights Out Radio first: THE GREAT DEBATE. Should be a good one.

To call in and cast your vote for the winner, dial (347) 202-0934, e-mail or leave a question/comment/vote here.

Here are today's three questions:

1) Should a fighter be criticized for attacking an opponent's weakness if that gives them the best chance at winning?

2) What constitutes a more dominant fighter? One who finishes fights or one who wins convincingly by decision?

3) Who is the top fighter in the UFC? Anderson Silva or Georges St-Pierre?