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DEA Fight Promotions: "Beatdown At The Beach 3" Results

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DEA Fight Promotions held their "Beatdown At The Beach 3" event in Myrtle Beach, SC this past weekend.  Myrtle Beach is quickly becoming a haven for southeastern MMA by the way.  It was a night of finishes with 11 fights taking place, and only one of them going to the judges.  The full results can be found after the jump.

 -Leah Buckely defeated Tabitha Albert via TKO at 1:08 of Rd. 3

-Neal Wright defeated Christopher Clark via Verbal Submission at :48 of Rd. 2

-Matt Phillips defeated Will Berrio via Submission(Armbar) at 2:06 of Rd. 1

-Nick Formica defeated Gustavo Duarte via Split Decision

-Zach Hulce defeated Josh Plato via TKO at 2:19 of Rd. 1

-Donnie Ketner defeated John Michaels via Submission(RNC) at 2:25 of Rd. 2

-Charlie Vivas defeated Anthony Wojack via Submission(RNC) at 2:58 of Rd. 1

-Wes Evans defeated Josh Roher via TKO at :05 of Rd. 1

-Sergio Rodriguez defeated Phillip Burnette via Submission(RNC) at 2:30 of Rd. 3

-Frank Wazkut defeated Joe Tennant via Submission(Armbar) at 2:25 of Rd 1

-Amos Collins defeated Jeffrey Mettler via Submission(RNC) at :34 of Rd. 1