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WEC 47 Aftermath: Scott Jorgensen Says He's Ready For A Title Shot

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In his WEC 47 post-fight interview with MMAWeekly, Jorgensen talked about his WEC 47 submission win, what he has in store for all the bantamweights out there and that he's ready for a title shot:

I think that's a scary thing for a lot of the bantamweights ya know?  I've got heavy hands, not only are they heavy.  I can move and I can put'em together.  For me right now it's pick your poison with me.  You wanna go to the ground, I can ground and pound you.  You wanna stand up, I can beat you standing.  I'm just ready for whatever and eager to get back in the cage......My game plan is to put enough pressure on someone that they want to quit....I'm ready for a title shot, I was ready for a title shot thelast fight.

I like Jorgensen, and it's not because we share the same birthday.  I think fans are starting to take notice of what he brings to the cage, as all of his fights have been action packed since joining the WEC in 2008.  Jorgensen has won 5 out of his last 6, the lone loss being a close decision to Antonio Banuelos(I had Jorgensen winning that fight). He pretty much beat up Takeya Mizugaki, the same Mizugaki that gave then champion Miguel Torres all he could handle.  Do you think Jorgensen could give current champion Dominick Cruz problems in the cage, or would Cruz boxing and movement be too much?